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Florida's Plan for Small Business


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FLORIDA’S BUSINESS CLIMATE AND COMPETITIVENESS STRATEGIES 4.1 Ensure predictable legal, permitting and other regulatory processes meet changing business needs. 4.2 Ensure state, regional and local agencies provide collaborative and timely customer service to businesses and workers. 4.3 Improve access to capital to encourage small and minority business growth. 4.4 Increase access to entrepreneurial resources, including talent, funding and research and development. 4.5 Encourage industry diversification to ensure a sustainable business climate. 4.6 Maintain a predictable government structure regarding 

The University of West Florida Very Progressive

The State University System of Florida recently moved into fourth place in university research expenditures when compared to other public university systems. Our university system continues to make gains in competitive research awards.  

Florida Ports

In 2016, maritime cruise and cargo activities at Florida ports supported nearly 900,000 high-wage direct and indirect jobs resulting in nearly $117.6 billion in total economic value and more than $4.2 billion in state and local tax revenues. Employment in the seaport industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US with a projected growth rate of 20 percent (compared to the average for all other occupations of 14 percent). According to the Florida Ports Council, harbor deepening and other strategic port investments have allowed more than 600 post-Panamax cargo vessels to arrive in Florida seaports since the expansion of the Panama Canal. This influx of cargo has contributed to record growth in containers, vehicles and overall tonnage. 

Film in Florida

For more than 100 years, the Sunshine State has starred in some of your favorite commercials, films and television series – and more recently developed some of your favorite games. Florida continues to shine as new content is being produced across all platforms from coast to coast.