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Mike Shew's Multiple Content Disclaimers:

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Mike Shew's Sales Talk

What is the right way to promote your business? Social media, cold calling, drip marketing, advertising, branding, or marketing. I was a sales pro before becoming a business owner! Let’s begin at the top and work our way down to make your business make you more money.

Is your business sales driven? 

To begin, all departments must work together holistically to function harmoniously! As an example, a sales’ driven business must start from the top of the organization with “YOU” the business owner leading the sales effort. To be successful in generating top-line revenue as a top-down sales driven organization; the sales philosophy plus A1 customer service must be implemented in every department to work in harmony.   

Four steps in becoming a sales-driven organization:   

1. What is the need (or desire) in the current market?  

2. Having a service, solution, or product which is unique or better than the competition.  

3. The customer must know where you are so that you can promote your service, solution, or product. 

4. Every staff member gives A+ customer service which supports the sales team and your customers.   

To sustain your success in creating a service, solution, or product in the market which is unique, your business, your entire organization, can now become sales-driven and it keeps your customers coming back. If only a fraction of your organization is sales-driven, it is not a sales-driven business. Salespeople are sales-driven even in solution-driven and project or product consulting-driven organizations. 

In a sales-driven organization, everyone focuses on what the customer wants. What does your customer want or need? Also, who is your competition? These are two significant questions in crunching data to develop your overall strategic plan and your sales plan as a sub-category which includes social media to market your solution, service, or product.

Strategic Plan Process Map  

a. Sales Plan 

1. Value Stream Map Sales Process – Flow Chart – (Senior Management Focus)  

b. Social Media – Value Stream Map - Flow Chart  

c. Balanced Scoreboard 

1. Financial 2. Learning/Growth 3. Customer 4. Internal Business Process 

d. Quality Policy  

e. Measurable Objectives 

f. Process Management Benchmarks 

g. Fragmented Systems 

h. Supply Chain Executive Strategy 

 i. Continuous Improvement – By Department & Dashboard 

j. Workforce – Learning/Growth Training – Incentives – Assessment    

In sales-driven organizations, the salespeople are the first line of defense against being too literal-minded in the definition of customers wants and needs. Rather than capitulate to every whim of their customers, sales pros dig down to determine what the customer is trying to achieve (find client pain – what keeps the client up at night?). Then make every effort to help the customer, overcoming objections using the existing solutions, services, or products to fill the now know void.

Business Owner Consultants

Management Consultants Pros & Cons


Management Consultants help corporate businesses, small business owners, & entrepreneurs improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing processes. Some consultants charge up to $350 an hour for their experienced consulting advice. Small business sites are popping up with the concept of writing content based on their advertiser. Be Aware! Does the content writer really know what is best for your small business?  

Small business owners, when using small business consultants verify their criminal backgrounds, e-verify, website, credentials, test scores, google their name, bios, and testimonials back by success stories.  Discount training can result in disaster with consultants who are just making a buck at $40-$80 an hour... With "NO" reportable measure of impact generated within your business.

Freelance Consultant: a person who works independently, selling work or services by the hour, day, or job for a reduced fee structure, could work for a community college as a professor part or full time. No professional code of ethics/standard or accredited diplomas or degrees. No real assessment or implementation skill. Usually not licensed or insured. Ask for testimonials, success stories, and proof of all credentials.  

Professional Consultants: persons who are paid to provide professional or expert advice in particular fields or specialty full time. Clients look to us for detailed guidance in specific areas of expertise (Health Care, Retail, IT, or Manufacturing). Professional consultants have specialized degrees, highly recommended, and are certified (CPIM, Six Sigma, ISO, CSCP, APICS, FBAC) by reputable accrediting bodies which rise to professional codes of ethics and standards. Licensed and insured with a solid track record backed with testimonials.


 The information provided on SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR is general in nature only and does not constitute personal financial or business advice. The information has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, a business needs assessment, or your financial situation or the correct needs. Before acting on any information on this website you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your business, personal objectives, financial situation and the needs. Before making any decision, it is important for you to consider these matters and to seek appropriate legal, tax, and other professional advice.  

All statements made on this website are made in good faith and we believe they are accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge. SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR does not give any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of advice or information contained in this website. SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR, its directors, employees, content writers, and their representatives do not accept any liability for any error or omission on this website or for any resulting loss or damage suffered by the reader(s), the recipient(s) or any other person(s). Unless otherwise specified, copyright of information provided on this website is owned by SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR. You may not alter or modify this information in any way, including the removal of this copyright notice.

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