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Mike Shew's Dialing for Dollars

A Complete Inside Guide into the Underworld of Telemarketing for the Consumer and the Entrepreneur!


Mike Shew's Dialing for Dollars!

Part I Wanted!

Persons Who Want to Start Their Own Business and Fire their Boss! Today!

At Last, you can start your own telemarketing business by receiving personal how-to business training. By reading my book, Mike Shew's Dialing for Dollars!  When done, you are ready to start the exciting entrepreneurial process and open your new telemarketing business. That very same day! 

Now, you don't have to work for some else the rest of your life!

Including, detailed examples of How-to-file, the Articles of Incorporation, Fictitious Name Registration, Employer Identification Number, in association with the proper State Sales Tax Identification Number. 

Complete instructions and sample paperwork listed in the appendix section. I remember, in college when all my friends laughed; because, I chose phone sales for part-time work. 

However, they all cried, when I cashed my $3,000.00 dollar paychecks at the local Bank.

Wait there's more!

Part II Illustrates the Seedy Underworld!

It also illustrates the seedy underworld of telemarketing never before SECRET/HIDDEN information DISCLOSED on Charity Fundraising. The actual percentages given to charities and presentation verbiage used to secure sales over the phone.

Mike Shew's Dialing for Dollars!

Get your copy today! 

Dialing for Dollars and make money
Dialing for Dollars and make money

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Small Business Development Experience

Mike Shew's Business Owner History



The Truth Becomes Part of Your History - Lies Become Part of Your Future!

I Am Very Proud of My History!  

Did the Article Writer or Business Consultant Helping You Own a Business?  

Business Owner:    smallbusinessadvisor.info  DATES: 2018 -  

Business Owner:    Mike Shew Jewelry, Watches, & Gifts, Mike Shew Fashion & Accessories, 

Mikeshewenterprises.com, MSEjewelry.com, Diamondpierces.com, Fort Pierce Development, LLC 

DATES: 1997-2005 

Founded and developed by Mike Shew Enterprises in three phases, it began as an e-commerce business and working trade shows. Two additional stages: Second, expanded the e-commerce business into a 1,600 square foot brick & mortar retail jewelry and exceptional gifts facility. Third, developed the company into a 4,000 square foot full service, leading jewelry department store. With the future concept of moving into a 100,000 square foot facility department store known as Shew Bros to begin the chain. Hurricane Frances/Jeanne in 2004 claimed it. 

Economic Development Experience 2000-2002: Mike Shew worked with Ken Stephanz, a five-time entrepreneur from Indian River Community College - Small Business Development Program. In writing, designing a professional business plan to develop a 188,000 square foot strip center into a mixed-use facility with 1/3 each retail/business/and an entertainment complex. To revitalize the property located on I-95 and Okeechobee Road. Sought 12-million in funding to begin the hometown project. 

Business Owner:  Politically Correct Inc. - DATES: 1996 - LLC Set-Up to Generate Investment Funds. 

Business Owner:  Christy Payroll Systems - DATES: 1990-1993 Business to Business and Residential Telemarketing – Set Appointments – Fundraising – Created and Sold Coupon Books – Payroll Company for Small Business – Sold It to a Competitor in 1993.

Business Owner:  Dynamic Payroll Systems - DATES: 1985-1989 Fundraising for Parent Company – B2B and Residential Call Center – Sold It Back to The Parent Company in 1989. Business Owner:   


Tree Guys - DATES: 1984 Started Tree Trimming Company W/Partner and Stopped When I Cut My Right Leg with a McCullough Long Blade Chainsaw. 


Business Owner:  Salon Care - DATES: 1982 A Senior in High school, (started telemarketing part-time in Highschool) Got an Idea So I Called Local Hair Salons and Cleaned Their Salons. You Should Have Seen Their Faces When I Pulled Up in a 1969 LTD Ford and Pulled the Vacuum Cleaner and a Bucket Out of My Trunk. I Could Close the Deal Over the Phone and Lose It Once They Saw I Was A Kid. Set-up three salon accounts.

To Review My Education and Work Experience Click Here: www.linkedin.com/in/mikeshewkc/

Mike Shew at 17, Mr. West Palm Beach, FL
Mike Shew at 17, Mr. West Palm Beach, FL

Mike Shew's Past Ft. Pierce, FL Store Ads

Mike Shew Jewelry, Watches, & Gifts 

Mike Shew Fashion & Accessories